April 2020 – Body, Mind and Spirit Retreat – Max Simms Camp, Bishop Falls, NL

Join us at Lucy’s Retreat at Max Simms Camp.  We have exceptional facilitators and workshops at this retreat.  

We are fortunate to have two awesome keynote speakers.  We have ChiefMisel Joe, the spiritual leader of his Mi’kmaq people. In this capacity he has gained recognition provincially, nationally, and internationally, particularly in the area of spiritual healing. Misel Joe has presented on native medicines and traditional healing practices at several International Alternative Medicine Conferences and hosted the 1996 and the 2006 International Healing Conference at Conne River.   

When? April 24-26, 2020

Where? Max Simms Camp, Bishop Falls, Newfoundland

Brought to you by: Lucy O’Driscoll M.Sc., B.Ed. Phone: 895-0544, cell 689-2244

Your fee covers two nights’ accommodations, six meals, four workshops and evening programs with keynote speakers. Individually these services would cost over $700.00.  Your cost is 425.00 (taxes included).   Some Financial assistance is available for those on a limited income (single parents and students).  You can pay $100.00 now to hold your space and pay the remainder by March 17thI will pair you up if you are registering single and would like a partner for your room.  Some single rooms are available for additional $100.00.

Register for both Woody Island and Max Simms Retreats and take 50.00 off the cost of each retreat.  

Our Awesome Facilitators!

Brenda Kelleher-Flight Ph.D. is a coach and mediator.  She has been in private practice since 2005.  She helps clients with specific personal/professional projects, personal goals, transitions, anger management, identifying and living from their vision, conflict resolution skills, and separation and divorce navigation.  She believes that each person has a right to contentment and peace. 

Barb Lambe is a registered Social Worker who has 33 years clinical experience working within the field of Addictions, Family of Origin/Inner child Work, Stress Management, Grief Counseling and other Health-related issues.  Along with a BSW, Barb has training in Healing Touch, Hypnosis, Creation-Centered Spirituality and Grief Edu-Therapy Certification.  She has a private Practice in Pasadena, NL.  

Michelle Myrick is a singer/songwriter, musician, visual artist, author, speaker and teacher originally from Newfoundland, and currently living in Norway. Her work embodies an awareness that personal transformation can be achieved through increasing one’s sense of self-worth. This philosophy, as well as a strong conviction that art should inspire rather than impress, is interwoven and infused into her non-fictional writings, inspirational art pieces, original songs, and creative-based programs, services, courses, and events. www.ammoartworks.com

Alison Normore, Ph.D. is an Ancestral Wisdomkeeper, Author, Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Master Teacher and Human Potential Visionary with a passion for ancient wisdom traditions that restore health and happiness, and a gift for empowering healers and leaders to create joyful, purposeful lives. For more information on Life Coaching, Full Moon Circles, Shamanic Retreats and Journeys, and her new book Return to Pangaea, visit www.alisonnormore.com

Lucy O’Driscoll M.Sc., B.Ed is a Certified Crystal Practitioner and Professional Facilitator.  She has been studying various energy and healing modalities for over 30 years and has been offering retreats for 19 years. 

Nora Squires is a registered Naturotherapist using Reiki, Foot Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch (TT), EMF Balancing, EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Focusing and the Pendulum to bring clients to deeper levels of healing.  She is also a member of the Canadian Reiki, TT and Reflexology Association. 


Make Energy Work for you. (Nora).  Learn about the aura, meridians, and chakras through which flows our life force energy.  Learn a technique to clear and balance the energy field of friends, family, pets as well as plants. All disease, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual is caused by a disruption in our energy field.  This workshop will give you a good foundation and understanding of energy and how to make it work for you.

Being Kind and Compassionate Toward Ourselves. (Brenda).  If you feel there is a part of yourself that is unkind to yourself, you are ready for this session. Many of us have this inner critic lurking in our subconscious. It is possible to reduce the impact of this voice and enable other more constructive voices to find their place. We will identify how this voice originated, why it is judgmental, how it can negatively impact our lives, how our brains are wired to look for what is wrong, and how to respond lovingly in the midst of life’s challenges.

Moonology (Lucy).  Join us as we connect with the feminine power of the moon.  Learn about the moon cycles: waxing, waning, new moon, and full moon.  Learn how to do a full moon ceremony to let things go, forgive and shift that which no longer serves.  Learn how to do a new moon ceremony to manifest that which you desire to draw into your life.  You will be able to continue to use these ceremonies, stay in tune with moon magic, long after the retreat.   

Soulful Art-Making (Michelle).  Participants will be guided through Michelle’s unique 5 step process that demystifies art making by accessing inner wisdom and making intuitive choices. No art experience required. This workshop focuses more on the process of artmaking, rather than how to paint a particular scene. It is not a ‘paint-by-number’ class where everyone makes the same piece. You’ll learn how to develop, compose, and complete a unique piece of art that only you could make because it will come straight from your soul’s voice carrying meaning and purpose for your life journey. This workshop builds confidence and self-belief through learning how to access, hear, and trust your intuition. 

Therapy is A Walk in the Woods (Alison). If you long to feel happier and more peaceful and love Nature, join Alison, a certified Forest Therapy Guide, for a walk along the Exploits River. With no specific destination in mind, we will wander, explore and immerse ourselves in nature for 2-l/2 hours, allowing our senses to guide us. Forest Therapy is a mindful, healing and connective practice inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku” which translates into “forest bathing”. Spending time in nature not only strengthens our immune system and reduces stress, but also makes us more creative, mindful and content in our lives.  

Forest therapy walks are for anyone who wants to de-stress, slow down, relax and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. We will be outside no matter the weather, so come prepared with warm and water-resistant clothing so you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (Nora). EFT uses the body’s own energy system by “tapping” on the meridians or energy pathways to remove blocked or stuck energy.  This technique enables healing to occur. EFT can address issues such as fears, addictions, emotional trauma, depression, physical and other issues.  

Healing with Nature’s Medicine (Alison). This session is for you if you are ready to be inspired to explore the healing medicine of wild plants that can be found close to where you live.  Not that long ago our grandmothers and grandfathers foraged native wild plants for food and for medicine. Now many of us are feeling the call to return to some of these traditional ways and wisdom so we can feel better and live healthier lives. Such a calling began Alison’s journey into ancestral ways that led her back to the place of her birth, and to create the Boreal Forest Elixirs. 

In this session Alison will share stories and learnings from her journey of discovery with some of the plants of the Boreal Forest. This session will cover the basics of plant spirit medicine, foraging and preparation of wild plants for use as food and medicine. If the weather permits, part of the session will be spent outdoors.  

Crystals and Feng Shui (Lucy).  Crystals are used for healing, personal reflection and meditation.  Feng Shui is the art of allowing energy to move freely through your home, creating balance and tranquility.  Using crystals with Feng Shui and Chakra balancing is powerful.  Learn practical tips to bring more loving energy to your home with crystals and Feng Shui principles.  

Accept What Is and Move Forward (Brenda).   If you have people in your life who are draining your energy, if you are attracting negative people, if you are experiencing many ups and downs in your life, or if you are holding on to negative memories, this session will teach you tools to release that energy. 

Visioning through ART: In this workshop, you’ll learn how to take control of your life’s direction by accessing your deepest desires and dreams through a creative visioning process. Michelle will guide you through 3 distinct phases: “Ready – Set – Go”. First, you’ll prepare your mind and body to be receptive to hearing your heart’s desires. Next, you’ll create a collage that reflects your deepest wishes for your life. Finally, you’ll learn techniques to reinforce the new wisdom acquired in the workshop. Plus, you get to take home your vision board which will help you to stay focused on achieving what you want for your life.

Spirituality and Inner Freedom (Barb).  The mystic, Meister Eckhart encourages…” Become aware of what is in you – announce it, produce it and give birth to it.”  Barb’s workshop is designed to explore the healing power and promise of Spirituality in unleashing and freeing the great “Magnificence” that lies within each one of us!  Come build upon what you already know about how to become more “aligned” through the process of making the unconscious “conscious” – thereby opening increased pathways to personal discovery, well-being and freedom!!

BONUS OFFERING: Saturday & Sunday Mornings we are offering morning mediations.

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Max Simms Camp, Bishop Falls, Newfoundland
April 24 – 26, 2020

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Session One: Friday 6:30pm – 9:00pm

How to Make Energy Work for You (Nora)
Being Kind and Compassionate Toward Ourselves (Brenda)
Moonology (Lucy)

Session Two : Saturday 9:00am – 11:30am

Soulful Art-Making (Michelle)
Therapy is a Walk in the Woods (Alison)
Emotional Freedom Technique (Nora)

Session Three : Monday 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Healing with Nature's Medicine (Alison)
Crystals & Feng Shui (Lucy)
Accept What Is & Move Forward (Brenda)

Session Four : Sunday 9:00am – 11:30am

Visioning through ART (Michelle)
Spirituality & Inner Freedom (Barb)

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