September 2020 – Body, Mind and Spirit Retreat – Woody Island

When? September 20 – 22, 2020
(Sunday – Tuesday)

Where? Woody Island, Placentia Bay 

Share in the 2/2/2/2/2 energy and Fall Equinox. It is a magical time!  Join us in Garden Cove, 2-hour drive west of St. John’s and east of Gander.  From Garden Cove, we get aboard of the Merasheen for the 40-minute sail to Woody Island. This rugged, quaint, beautiful Island resettled in the early 1970’s has preserved much of its original heritage.  Woody Island offers a step-back-in-time, a magical retreat location like no other.  You will feast on home-cooked meals of pan-fried fresh cod, pea soup, toutons & Molasses, and fresh homemade bread, to name a few. They also cater to vegetarians, gluten-free, and other dietary restrictions.  And they do it in style!  This is a very relaxed, restorative, easy-themed retreat.  We will have the perfect combination of awesome workshops with awesome facilitators in a casual, relaxed environment.  There will be early morning yoga and kitchen party at night.  We have it all!

Your fee covers boat travel to and from Woody island, two nights’ accommodations, meals, workshops and evening programs. Individually these services would cost over $800.00.  Your cost is 525.00 (taxes included).  I will pair you up if you are registering single and would like a partner for your room.  Some single rooms are available for additional $150.00.  Some Financial assistance is available for single parents and students. 

There is a very limited number of spaces and will fill on a first come basis. You can pay $100.00 now to hold your space and pay the remainder before August 20,2020.   

Register for both Woody Island and Max Simms Retreats and take 50.00 off the cost of each retreat.  

Awesome Facilitators:

Dr.Brenda Kelleher-Flight is a coach and mediator. She has been in private practice since 2005. She helps clients with specific personal/professional projects, personal goals, transitions, anger management, identifying and living from their vision, conflict resolution skills, and separation and divorce navigation. She believes that each person has a right to contentment and peace.

Lucy O’Driscoll M.Sc., B.Ed. has a degree in Adult Education and is a Certified Crystal Practitioner and Professional Facilitator.  She has been studying various energy and healing modalities for over 30 years and has been offering retreats for 20 years. 

Meranda Squires grew up in the Ferryland lighthouse in Newfoundland.  At age 20 she moved to India where she lived in the spiritual community of the International Meditation Institute, Kullu, HP India for seventeen years.  There, under the guidance of an enlightened teacher, she had many transformational experiences in meditation, yoga and Vedant philosophy.  She returned home in 2000 and opened the Lotus Centre, in the Gerald Squires Fine Art Gallery, at 52 Prescott St. St. John’s.  She received her Certification in India as a teacher in Advanced Studies in Yoga Science, in Vedant Philosophy, in the Theory and Practice of Meditation, Soma Yoga.  In Florida she received certification as an Enlightened Master, a Mind Clearer, and Emotion Clearer.  She is also certified by ITM, Chaing Mai, Thailand, as a Thai-yoga bodywork practitioner.  She is a 200-hour Kripalu Certified yoga teacher.  The Lotus Centre is a Registered Yoga Alliance School.  She feels her life purpose is to empower people to live in true freedom, and to raise awareness of the Truth of who we are; our interconnectedness with the whole.  Checkout her website:

Nora Squires is a Reiki Master, Naturotherapist using Reiki, Foot Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch (TT), EMF Balancing, EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Focusing and the Pendulum to bring clients to deeper levels of healing.  She is also a member of the Canadian Reiki, TT and Reflexology Association. Nora has been practicing energy work for over 20 years.


How to Make Energy Work for you.  (Nora).  

Learn about the aura, meridians, and chakras through which flows our life force energy.  Learn a technique to clear and balance the energy field of friends, family, pets as well as plants. All disease, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual is caused by a disruption in our energy field.  This workshop will give you a good foundation and understanding of energy and how to make it work for you. 

How to Clear problems. (Meranda). 

Do you have a problem you want to be free of? Come with a problem about any relationship you have; mother, partner, boss, co-worker, child, father or friend. Learn to articulate your problem, communicate your truth and find a solution. Learns tips and skills to clear all future problems effectively. Bring a writing pad.

Using Our Imagination to Move Forward (Brenda). Your imagination is the power to move you from your current circumstances. You can experience your heart’s desire using your imagination. Nothing is impossible to your imagination. Your imagination is unlimited in what it can accomplish. If you can imagine something, you can achieve it. If you want to find out why your life is the way it is, identify your blockages, and learn how to open up the potential of your imagination, this session is for you. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (Nora). EFT uses the body’s own energy system by “tapping” on the meridians or energy pathways to remove blocked or stuck energy.  This technique enables healing to occur. EFT can address issues such as fears, addictions, emotional trauma, depression, physical and other issues.  

Moonology (Lucy).   

Join us as we connect with the feminine power of the moon.  Learn about the moon cycles: waxing, waning, new moon, and full moon.  Learn how to do a full moon ceremony to let things go, forgive and shift that which no longer serves.  Learn how to do a new moon ceremony to manifest that which you desire to draw into your life.  You will be able to continue to use these ceremonies, stay in tune with moon magic, long after the retreat.   

How to Own & Love Your Story (Brenda). This session is designed for individuals who recognize how capable and devoted they are to their own health and wellbeing. You will learn tools to help you feel

Internal peace, recognize the beauty of imperfection in yourself and others, know the triggers that throw you off balance, forgive yourself and others, and move

forward with conviction

Experience your Past Life. (Meranda).

Opening to the reality that we have many lives.  Sometimes the challenges we experience today may have begun in a previous life. This workshop teaches you how to guide and receive a past life. Learning tips about how to enter a past life, you prepare yourself to follow your energetic patterning into a past life. This sacred experience may continue to mature in you for days after the experience. Fun and addictive! You will become inspired to learn more about your past lives! Bring a writing pad. 

Sunday Morning, we will all do a Community Fall Equinox Ceremony followed by a trip to another island for a boil up with more food and music.

BONUS OFFERING: Morning Yoga and Meditation with Meranda Squires.  Totally worth getting out of bed for!!

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Woody Island: A Body, Mind and Spirit Retreat
September 20-22, 2020

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Instructions: Please select your session in priority as space is limited in each session.

Session One: Sunday 7:00pm – 9:30pm

How to Make Energy Work for You (Nora)
How to Clear Problems (Meranda)

Session Two : Monday 9:00am – 11:30am

Using Our Imagination to Move Forward (Brenda)
Emotional Freedom Technique (Nora)

Session Three : Monday 2:00pm – 4:30pm

Moonology (Lucy)
How to Own and Love Your Story (Brenda)
Experience Your Past Life (Meranda)

Session Four : Tuesday First Day of Fall

Fall Equinox Community Ceremony, Followed by a Boil Up with a traditional Mug-Up on another island, with more food and music. Arriving in Garden Cove at 2:00pm

Overall, my top two choices I really hope to get are

This Program will fill quickly, so register early! There is a limited number on the boat. Send completed registration and cheque, money order or e-transfer to: . Lucy O’Driscoll, 115 Tuckers Hill Road, St. Philips, NL. A1M 1N4.

If you don’t want to pay the full registration now, you can send $100.00 to hold your place and send the remainder before August 20, 2020. You can also complete the registration on line at my website: . No registration will be accepted without partial or full payment. If you cancel by August 30, you will receive a full refund. After that date, a $50.00 processing fee will be deducted from your refund. If you cancel within 10 days of the retreat you forfeit your full payment. We accept registrations up to September 20th.

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In understanding that there is some risk to any activity of this type, I accept personal responsibility for any and all physical and emotional damage that may result from accident, injury or disability however caused. In this understanding, I release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Lucy O’Driscoll, Lucy’s volunteers or employees or other participants.

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