June 7th, 8th, 9th, 2024 – Body, Mind and Spirit Retreat – Burry Heights, Salmonier Line

Please Join us at Lucy’s Retreat at Burry Heights, Salmonier Line and:

1) Get a Quick start to a new way of looking at People, Places, and Events of Life,
2) Put a Healthy Focus on Yourself
3) Learn to Let Go of that which no longer serves you and
4) Come away with us and Pause, Ponder, and be Pampered.

Your fee covers two nights’ accommodations, six meals, four workshops and early morning and evening programs. Individually these services would cost over $700.00. Your cost is $425.00 (taxes Included). Some financial assistance is available for those on a limited income (single parents and seniors). Some single rooms are available for an extra 75.00. You can pay $100.00 now to hold and guarantee your space and pay the remainder before May 15, 2024.

Register for two retreats in 2024 and take 50.00 off the cost of the second retreat.

Our Awesome Facilitators!

Joanne Best, B.A., B. Ed is a teacher, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Drum Circle facilitator, Crystal Therapist and creator of Earth & Sky Wellness. She has a deep interest in the frame drum, drum journeying, and in incorporating drumming, sacred chant, and crystals in her energy healing work. Joanne has facilitated wellness workshops, sacred ceremony, drum circles, and private healing sessions for many years. Her latest studies have been in the use of Shamanic Drum Journeying, Bach Flower Remedies and Aromatherapy to restore health and happiness. Joanne has a deep commitment to her spiritual journey and to helping others on their path to wellness.

Dominique Hurley is an intuitive visionary artist, educator, and lightworker who guides you to explore and express your True Self as you connect to your intuition. Grounded in her love of beauty and the beauty of love, Dominique delivers insight and inspiration through her “Intuition into Action Treasure Map: 5 Steps to a Happy Healthy Life”. Her energy-infused art, intuitive services, workshops, and writings are all designed to nourish your transformational journey. Recently Dominique attended the Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness in Italy for 2 months, adding a Certificate in Transformative Art to her resume. Visit www.DominiqueHurley.com.   

Lucy O’Driscoll M.Sc., B. Ed has been offering retreats for over 20 years. She has Certification in Crystal Therapy, Moonology and is a Certified Angel Guide. She has a Masters in Outdoor Education and a Bachelor of Education specializing in Adult Education. www.lucysretreats.com

Gary Summers is a professional magician, hypnotist and speaker with a Masters Degree in Physiology and certifications in Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Gary has developed several school programs including “Discover the Magic Within You, Say No to Drugs.” He is co-founder of training 4success, specializing in employee training and evaluations. He delivers seminars on Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Stress and Work life Balance at MUN. Gary teaches people how to think properly because “When you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change.”

Joan Dohey is a retired primary teacher whose mission is to help others live healthier, fulfilled lives. Her philosophy at its core is that taking care of oneself is crucial. Her aim is to spread the word and help others discover and cultivate this attitude and to provide some tangible tools to use on an everyday basis. Over the past 10 years, Joan has become a practitioner of Bowen Therapy for people and animals, Reiki, Rahanni, McLoughlin Scar Release Technique and Soul Genesis, to mention some. She is a meditation and Yoga Nidra teacher, a life coach, and a Laughter Yoga Leader. Her latest studies are in Access Consciousness and Sound Healing, specializing in Crystal Singing Bowls. Check out her website https://www.joandohey.com

Roxanne Weinheber sold her family business in 2014 and started searching for a more holistic way of
life. Her first interest was peaked in the essential oil world, which lead to certifications as a
Practitioner in Raindrop Technique, Aroma Freedom Technique, and further in-depth studies into Aroma
Therapy and Aroma Massage. She paired studies and certification in Crystal Healing and Reflexology to
go with the essential oils to help her clients. She studied with Dr. Korotkov, the founder of the Bio Well to expand her services to study the energetic patterns of the human body, which can reveal where you have low or high energy that can help identify current or potential problems. Her most fascinating and rewarding modality, which has fully opened her intuitive senses, came with her certifications as an Emotion Code Practitioner and then expanding to become a certified Body Code Practitioner.


Transformative Art Moving Meditation. (Dominique).
Come explore your connection to the Divine during this Transformative Art Experience. Raise your vibration and tune into your guidance through sacred process, gentle movement & creative expression. No prior meditation or art experience necessary. All you need is an open mind, a willingness to play, and a readiness for shift. 

Emotion Code Workshop (Roxanne).
Learn muscle testing techniques that will help you connect with your subconscious mind, which knows all your history, the good, bad, and ugly. You just need to tune in and ask. Once you have practiced some muscle testing, Roxanne will guide you through an Emotion Code session. She will provide you with a chart of emotions to help you find some trapped emotions that may be causing you pain or keeping you stuck in a negative pattern. You will find those trapped emotions and be guided to how you can release them. We will also explain the advanced levels of the Body Code and Belief Code that can provide deeper connections and relief. Sometimes a trapped emotion can misalign a muscle, bone, organ, etc. By using these advanced levels, the results can be much more profound and lasting. She will also provide a demonstration of these levels to a willing participant. At the end of the workshop, Roxanne will draw for a private session for one lucky winner.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life (Gary).
Ever had an A-HA moment. You know, when that little voice in your head says…WOW, I never thought about life like that. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it can change your life. From creating more happiness to eliminating problems, from understanding how our brains work to achieving our life goals, Gary takes his audience on an incredible journey of self discovery by examining the conscious mind and provides strategies that can make our lives better. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it. Gary’s message is about creating awareness of our thoughts as this is where it all begins. He says: “When you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change.” 

For the Love of Trees (Joan).
Join Joan for a walk in the woods, where she will share her love for nature, especially trees. Learn some interesting facts about trees: their important role in the world, identification,
symbolism, and energy- and even a recipe or two!
Luxuriate in a sound bath and meditation among the trees. Become grounded by allowing yourself to absorb the energy of trees and allowing them to absorb what you need to let go. Come spend a little time among these beautiful, calming beings. The Trees. (bring something to sit or lie on, and a journal).

Subconscious Programming (Gary).
Ever wonder why we sometimes manage to talk ourselves out of things. Our lives are a reflection of our beliefs. These beliefs, usually subconscious, are the cumulative effects of life-long “programming.” As a result of this past negative programming, we sometimes think and behave in self-defeating ways. This causes a conflict between our conscious desires and our subconscious beliefs. Imagine being able to change the beliefs that limit you into beliefs that support you quickly and easily. Learn how to reprogram the software of your mind so you can change the printout of your life.

Transformative Art Sacred Nature Experience (Dominique).
Gift yourself this sacred encounter with Nature through circle time, communion with Self & Mother Nature, grounding & connecting through creative expression, and sharing. It’s not about the art – it’s about the transformative process. The art is a bonus layer of that process. No prior art experience necessary, just whatever you need to be comfortable and a little messy outdoors. 

Vow to me (Joan).
Women have always vowed to take care of others. Vows to parents, children, husbands, wives, etc. But have you made a vow to yourself? To love, honor and cherish YOU? Join Joan Dohey for a workshop where we will explore our value, our deepest desires, and how to take care of ourselves with the same dedication we offer to our loved ones. In a culminating ceremony make a solemn vow to do just that.

Moonology (Lucy).
Join us as we connect with the feminine power of the moon. Learn about the moon cycles: waxing, waning, new moon, and full moon. Learn how to do a full moon ceremony to let things go, forgive and shift that which no longer serves. Learn how to do a new moon ceremony to manifest that which you desire to draw into your life. You will be able to continue to use these ceremonies, stay in tune with moon magic, long after the retreat.

Bonus: Early Morning Discovery Journey Meditation: Dominique.
Journey into your inner world to discover the riches of guidance available for you through your many channels of imagination, inspiration, and intuition. By first releasing what no longer serves you and raising your vibration, you’ll more easily connect to your inner wisdom.

Bonus: New Moon Water Ceremony and Drum Circle Saturday Night with Joanne.
Join Joanne as we host a New Moon Water Ceremony and drum, drum, drum.

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Burry Heights, Salmonier Line: A Body, Mind and Spirit Retreat
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    For the love of Trees (Joan).

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